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 Tartu mnt 58, Iisaku, 41101 Ida-Virumaa
 339 3036
 339 3006
 1.06.–31.08. Mon–Sun 10–18, 1.09.–31.05. Mon–Fri 9–17 / or advance notice

Iisaku Museum was established in 1975 by Helmi and Daniel Vardja, who laid the foundations of an interesting and concise exposition together with the schoolchildren of Iisaku.
The exposition introduces the history, culture and nature of the area.
The bulk of exhibits date back to the first half of the 20th century. The times when simple country-life was lead become closer to visitors with the help of the display and the stories told by the tour-guide. In those days farm work was practiced: fields were cultivated and cattle were bred plus everything else required for the sustenance of a family.
The handicraft skills of men and women are presented in the masters’ room. Tailors, blacksmiths, carpenters, cobblers – all were capable masters.
The nature room of Alutaguse fascinates a visitor with a rich collection of stuffed animals.
Frequent museum-goers known that in addition to the permanent display, the museum also holds temporary exhibitions either put together by own staff or coming from the outside; the museum also displays the works of art made by local young people every year.
Iisaku Museum helps to keep up Estonian traditions through the organisation of popular events.

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