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 Kooli tee 7, Viru-Jaagupi, 46604 Vinni vald, Lääne-Virumaa
 329 6102
 Advance notice required

Viru-Jaagupi Museum is located in a three-storey former schoolhouse made of flagstone. The building itself is worth seeing as a former school (1908 – 2001). The schoolhouse is surrounded by beautiful scenery; a cenotaph of the artist brothers Raud can be found in the yard.
The local lore museum allows walking in a room of an old farmhouse (a battle club of church boys, a cradle and a chest for clothes), in a kiln-drying room (flax brake, cards, flails, harnesses) and in a technical room (TVs, radios, cameras, typewriters, computers). Some old radios are functioning. One can also try typewriting. Items resting in cupboards are displayed in the exhibition room.

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