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 Lihula mõis, Tiigi 5, 90302 Lihula, Lääne maakond
 477 8880
 477 8880
 1.06.–31.08. Wed–Sun 10–18, 1.05.–31.05, 1.09.–30.09. Wed–Fri 11–16

The museum is located in a classicistic Lihula manor house that was built in the middle of the 19th century. The exposition gives a comprehensive picture of the Lihula bishop stronghold; the most interesting archaeological findings from the stronghold and around are also exposed. Ethnographic objects – local costumes of the Lihula region, carpets, sledge blankets – are sincerely admired by the guests. The photographic collection of the museum on South-Läänemaa is unique. In addition the guests can study the exposition collected by West-Estonian Communications Museum and visit temporary exhibitions.

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