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 Vallimaa 7, 93812 Kuressaare
 45 57 583
 Wed–Sun 11–18

The Aavik family bought the house in Vallimaa Street in 1896. A linguist and a reformer of the Estonian language Johannes Aavik lived in the house of his parents as a pupil in 1898–1902 and later in 1919–26 when he worked as the Estonian language teacher at Saaremaa Co-educational Gymnasium and became one of the most outstanding reformers of the Estonian language. The Home-Museum of Johannes and Joosep Aavik, which exposition introduces the life and work of Johannes Aavik (1880–1973) and that of the local cultural figure Joosep Aavik (1899–1989) also exposes the living conditions of a citizen of Kuressaare in the beginning of the 20th century.

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