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 Kooli 5, 90502 Haapsalu, Lääne maakond
 527 6244
 Mon–Sun 11–18 (Wed–Sun 11–17 1.09–30.04)

Ilon’s Wonderland is a gallery and theme centre for children and families based on the works of the world-famous illustrator of children’s books – Ilon Wikland.

Here you can take a look at the room of Karlsson-on-the-roof, find characters familiar from books all over the place, play in the playroom, do handicrafts and enjoy a cosy and wonderful day with your family.The cinema hall displays visiting exhibitions and shows a film of the life of Ilon Wikland.

From May to August visitors can also take a look around the courtyard of the Wonderland – peep into Mattias's house and visit theHandicrafts Cottage where one can do handicrafts, try out one's hand at throwing games, walk with crutches and be an actor or simply swing and play.

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