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 Karja 24, 90503 Haapsalu
 551 4039, 508 9105, 5665 1800
 Jun-Aug Tue-Sun 12-18

Evald Okas Museum is based on private capital and has enriched the art life in Haapsalu since 2003. The main attraction for visitors is the constantly supplemented permanent exposition of Evald Okas’s numerous art works, exhibitions of the works by his family members and other Estonian artists. The museum is unique for its building: the history of the house, which was originally built as an inn, goes back to the mid-19th century and has a really mysterious atmosphere as a result.

In addition to various exhibitions, the museum offers high-quality art courses and workshops, and organises other interesting events and activities for both the children as well as grown-ups.

International Glass Symposia and following glass exhibitions have sparked interest and gained a lot of popularity all across Europe. Every summer, art education programs are organized during the Summer School project. The courses are different each year, but definitely contain classes on painting, drawing and graphic art, and also seminars on art theory and an art day for children.

The museum, established on Evald Okas's initiative and run by his whole family, is a developing institution, which has gained an important place in the cultural landscape of Haapsalu and Estonia in general, and has also gathered a large amount of museum-goers.

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