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 Pärsti vald, 71102 Heimtali, Viljandi maakond
 43 98 126
 51 26 422
 1. 04.–31.10. Tue–Sun 9–17, Lunch 13.30–14.15, 1.11.–31.03. Tue–Sat 9–17, Lunch 13.30–14.15
Location: Viljandi–Pärnu mnt 8. km
Heimtali Museum is located in a former parish schoolhouse. It is a beautiful field stone building from the year 1864. The collections include materials and documents on local school life, information on local cultural figures and tools collected from the neighbourhood. The collections of national textiles and the library on folk art, home culture and art are particularly plentiful. The museum functions as a study and advisory centre for many pupils, students and those interested in handicraft. The private museum is administered by a noted textile artist Anu Raud.

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