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 Koguva küla, 94701 Muhu vald, Saare maakond
 45 48 885
 50 11 566
 45 48 872
 1.06–1.09 Every day 10–19 / 2.09–31.05 Wed–Sun 10–17

Muhu Museum in the village of Koguva on the island of Muhu illustrates the life of a prosperous coastal farm in the 19th century. Tooma farmstead – the birthplace of Estonian writer Juhan Smuul – with all outbuildings and farm equipment is the heart of the museum. Additionally, an old village school dating back to the mid-19th century and a display of ethnographic textiles (Muhu folk costumes and bridal quilts) exhibited in the office building of the museum at Koguva Välja, belong to the museum. In addition to the ethnographic farmstead, an exposition introducing the life and work of Juhan Smuul and his summertime writing-room can be seen at Tooma. A copy of the Letter of Freedom, granted to the peasants of Koguva in 1532, is displayed on the wall of the Tooma living-room. The history and inhabitants of the village of Koguva are introduced.
The museum is situated in the heart of the Koguva village, which is a heritage conservation area. Old dry-stone walls and crooked village streets create a unique archaic atmosphere around the museum. It is worth remembering, however, that the rest of the village is not a museum and the villagers are leading their normal daily life.

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