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 J. Sihveri 4, 69302 Mõisaküla, Viljandi maakond
 43 55 607
 1.05.–30.09. Tue–Fri 11–17, Sat 10–15; 1.10.–30.04. Tue–Sat 11–16; Sat 10–15
Location: Valga–Uulu mnt, Mōisaküla

The permanent exposition of the museum tells about the history of Mõisaküla, the origin of the settlement, its educational and cultural life and sports activities. As the origin and further development of Mõisaküla is closely related to railway, the majority of exhibits are connected with the topic of railway like bronze rolling stock signs and factory labels and the miniatures of a steam locomotive, passenger coaches, a locomobile and a roll. Among the most precious exhibits of the museum belong the Olympic medals of the heavyweight-lifter Arnold Luhaäär who grew up in Mõisaküla. Children’s museum hobby club operates in the museum.

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