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 Lobi küla, Vihula vald, 45425 Lääne-Virumaa
 +372 5699 9573
 upon request, spoken languages: finnish, russian, english.
Charge details: opening fee 20 €

Lobi museum was founded in 1981 and is made up of a rich range of exhibits and tells the story of the people that lived all around the coast (fishermen, sailors, manor staff, forest rangers). Exhibits include clothing, everyday household items of the era, tools and everything necessary to set sail at the sea. There is furniture from the surrounding farms, small valuables and everything else that is synonimous with that time. One unique exhibit consists of tools used to produce all varieties of soap. But there is so much more to Lobi museum. It has tools and legend from many different eras. The museum is also used as a culture centre of the town. It houses local traditions and history and visitors can experience the majority of the towns history by going through all the unique and exiting exhibitions.

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