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 Obinitsa, 65301 Võru maakond
 785 4190
 15.05–15.09 Mon–Sun 11–18; 16.09–14.05 Tue–Sat 10–17
Location: Võru–Räpina mnt > Obinitsa 28 km

The Seto Museum Hut offers a possibility to get acquainted with everyday life of a Seto family from Mokornulga, Obinitsa from the years 1920–1940. The furniture of the museum-room is collected from the nearby villages. The permanent exhibition is designed as a living room that was divided into four corners or sections: eating and working corner, stove and icon corner and a corner for sleeping. The museum has a unique collection of handicraft of Seto women: fine coloured holiday scarves, decorative towels, folk costumes (skirts, scarves and shirts).

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