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Estonian Museum Association

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 Johan Laidoneri plats 10, 71020 Viljandi
 433 3316; 433 3663
 May–Aug. Mon–Sun 11–18; Sept.–April Tue–Sat 10–17

The Viljandi Museum is engaged in the studies of the history, culture, everyday life and nature of Viljandi town and county, and the collection, preservation and exhibiting of materials covering these domains. The exhibition house is located in an 18th-century chemist’s shop, and the permanent exposition on two floors introduces the history of Viljandi County until the mid-20th century. Visitors can see mock-ups of Viljandi Teutonic Castle and a threshing-room, as well as several reconstructions. Showcases introducing nature display numerous stuffed animal and bird species. In the temporary exhibition room about ten different expositions alternate throughout a year.

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