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 Ruhnu, 93001 Saare maakond
 453 3814
 502 7179
 May–August Tue–Sat 10–18; Sept–April Tue–Sat 11–16
Location: Laeva- ja lennuühendus Kuressaare ja Pärnuga

Museum exhibits about three hundred tools and household utensils once belonging to the inhabitants of Ruhnu. On the wall boards photos and texts on the curious history and nature of Ruhnu are displayed. The most precious exhibits are the over eight thousand years old quartz tools of seal hunters, the dragonhead-shape weathervane of the wooden church (1644), a gun for shooting seals, made by the Swedish native inhabitants of the island etc. A video programme on the history of Ruhnu can be watched. The Korsi farm house, unique in Estonia for its foundationless longitudinal building and hump roof, is currently being restored.

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