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 Aida 3, 80010 Pärnu
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 Tue–Sun 11–19

In the 2011 Pärnu Museum moved into a new, renovated barn building where on 25th May 2012 will be opened a new permanent exhibition presenting 11,000 years of history – ’Experiences from times long past’.

Pärnu Museum exhibition ranges from the Stone Age to past millennias and gives an opportunity to feel the breath of centuries through many genuine articles, new knowledge, games and experience corners.

When entering into a new museum building of Pärnu Museum you will find yourself faced with a board fragment of a medieval ship from the 14th century and through a glass floor you can see the medieval city wall and gate posts survived, which let through all the people and goods from New Pärnu port to the Hanseatic city.

In addition to playback of history awaits visitors taste experience of various centuries in the Museum cafe, which offers fast and modern meals for groups, as well as the possibility of warm communication for the people.

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