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 Olustvere loss, 70401 Olustvere, Viljandi maakond
 43 74 290, 43 74 280
 43 71 610
 1.05.–1.09. Mon–Fri 10–18; Sat, Sun 11–17, 1.10.–1.04. Mon–Sat 10-16
Olustvere Museum has four permanent expositions. The museum introduces the history of the settlement from remote times until today. The exposition of the history of Olustvere Service and Domestic Economy School is located in the schoolhouse. The collection of stuffed birds, animals and fish that is made by the graduate of the school Ilmar Tilk is located in the castle of Olustvere. The collection includes about 170 stuffed objects and 500 insect species. A collection of wooden horses and antique furniture is also located in the castle.

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