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 Mõisa tee 1, 74001 Viimsi, Harju maakond
 621 7410
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 Wed–Sat 11–18

The Estonian War Museum (EWM) was founded in 1919. After almost half-a-century-long occupation the museum was restored in 2001 as a state museum under the administration of the Ministry of Defence. Today, EWM serves as the leading military history research centre and museum, offering an overview of Estonia's military history and recording the present-day history of the Estonian Defence Forces. The museum is located in the historic Viimsi Manor, which is approximately 20 minutes car drive away from the Tallinn City. The Manor was owned in 1923–1940 by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Estonia, General Johan Laidoner.
For further information please visit The Estonian War Museum´s
website, which will tell you about permanent displays, the archives, special exhibitions, forthcoming events, tours, educational programs and workshops.

In Summer 2012 the main exposition is closed due to building reconstruction.

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