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 Tähtvere 56/62, 50050 Tartu
 744 9711
Location: Õlletehase peavärav

Tartu is the birthtown of Estonian beer industry and has been the beer city for nearly a thousand years. The Beer Museum is housed in the malt tower dating from 1898 on the territory of A. Le Coq Brewery. The exposition tells about beer-making all over the world and in Estonia beginning from the ancient Egypt beer culture until today. Visitors can see tools for making homebrew, old equipment, but also bottle caps, bottles, beer mugs and barrels. Exhibits tell you about students’ beer-drinking customs, and you can also see the brewery’s own money and medals from world exhibitions. Visitors end their tour in the pub, where A. Le Coq beverages can be tasted. Production facilities can also be visited.

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