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 Lai 28/30, 10133 Tallinn
 6411 886
 Tue and Thu–Sun 10–18; Wed 10–19

Estonian Health Care Museum is located in Tallinn Old Town’s two medieval buildings. Everyone who is interested in health and anatomy is welcome! The new and colorful permanent exhibition „A heart to heart about your body“ opened in spring 2014 introduces the human body as a complete system through various hands-on and educational interactive exhibits in different thematic rooms. The variety of illustrative exhibits allows you to get an overview of the inside of the human body. The main objective of the museum is for the people to get to know the way their body works and to give them knowledge of making the right, healthier choices.
The museum holds different health-thematic events, variable and unique study environment and museum lessons and tours. It ispossible to rent our rooms for different events, such as birthdays.

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