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 Linnuse küla, 94701 Muhu-Liiva , Saare maakond
 452 8130
 15.04.–1.10. Wed–Sun 11–18

The trestle windmill standing at the gate of Eemu farmstead in the village of Linnuse in Muhumaa is one of the few functional and working windmills in Estonia. Jüri Ling, a man living in the same village, rebuilt the windmill that stands at the distance of ca 1 km from the dyke of Väike Väin on the old base.
The foregoer of a mill was a quern, first moved by the power of water and later by the power of wind. First records of windmills with upright vanes date back to the 12th century Western Europe; windmills have been known in Livonia since 1330. The small farm windmills of West-Estonia and the islands constitute an outstanding phenomenon in peasant architecture with counterparts only in Scandinavia and West-Finland.
In addition to exploring the windmill one can also try to grind with a quern.

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