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 Viki küla, 93401 Kihelkonna, Saare maakond
 45 46 613
 1.05–31.08 Every day 10–18; 15.04–30.04, 1.09–15.10 Wed–Sun 10–18

Mihkli Farmstead Museum, one of the most peculiar museums in Estonia, is located at the western coast of Saaremaa. No collection work had to be undertaken for the establishment of the museum: in addition to a full building complex a rich collection of household utensils had preserved. Most of the utensils – the handwork of six generations – were made by the inhabitants of the farmstead in the course of two centuries. Here the museum exhibits can be seen in their natural environment. The last owner of the farmstead Jakob Reht gave the historic building complex together with the best preserved ethnographic objects to Saaremaa Museum free of charge, himself becoming the first employee of the new-born farmstead museum.

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