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 Lossi tn 1, Porkuni küla, 46001, Tamsalu vald, Lääne-Virumaa
 329 3881
 5345 2598
 Tue–Sat 11–18 (2.05–30.09) or with advance notice

Visitors get a comprehensive overview of limestone – Estonian national stone all through the five storeys of the barbican tower (15th century). Exposition introduces the formation story, distribution and use of limestone and various zoolites. There is also elaborate collection of limestone samples throughout Estonia. In the top of the barbican there is an observation platform. From here one can take a glance at the complex of manor buildings, Lake Porkuni and the surrounds.

Limestone museum is also convenient place for high school and college students to acquire additional knowledge about geology. Hobbyists can investigate and manipulate limestone samples on their own, also define and determine the zoolites. Local guides are giving relevant information about the exposition and sites of cultural heritage in Porkuni.

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