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 Kiriku 9, 20207 Narva
 356 1027
 5590 1010
 357 2820
 Tue–Sat 10–18
Charge details: discounts available to pupils, students and retired people
Location: Peetri ringteel, Puškini tänaval, raudteejaama juures

The Museum is situated on 5 floors of the tower of Narva Alexander`s Church. It is possible to use the elevator. On the fifth floor at the height of 31 m opens a beatiful view to Narva and Ivangorod. On the 4th floor different confessiones are introduced. On 3rd floor there is a conference hall with video and the music examples of Narva barock composers. On the second floor there is an exhibition about the history of the curches in Narva and surroundings. On the first floor there is a small hall with exhibitions and paintings.

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