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 1. Mai tn 2-a, 79101 Järvakandi, Rapla maakond
 Wed–Fri 11–18, Sat 11–15, open May 1. – Oct. 15 or with advance notice

Glass Museum is located in the first workmen’s dwelling of Järvakandi glasswork that was constructed in 1879. The dwelling was removed from the territory of the factory to the centre of Järvakandi. The permanent exposition of the museum is divided into two – the history of glass industry and the history of Järvakandi. The first part of the exposition of glass industry is designed as medieval glasswork where manual glass boiling and the making of glass objects are demonstrated. In the second hall the mechanical production of glass objects is introduced. The last room is furnished as a worker’s apartment, the way it looked like in the building in the 1920’s.

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