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 Lossi 1b, 48103 Põltsamaa
 775 1390
 +372 529 3307
 15.05–15.09 every day 10–18, or Mon–Sat 10–16
Location: Linnuses / at the castle

The Põltsamaa Museum is situated between the walls of an ancient order castle. We introduce the heroic past of the Põltsamaa stronghold, town and parish. During the Livonian War it was the residence of the Livonian king and in the 18th century an enchanting Rococo castle, a thriving cultural and industrial centre. In Põltsamaa A. W. Hupel, the founder of our local lore studies, published the first magazine in the Estonian language entitled Lühhike Öppetus (A Short Introduction) (1766–67). It was here that Emilie Beermann, daughter of the local headmaster, sewed the first blue-black-and-white Estonian national flag in 1884.

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