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 Assikvere seltsimaja, Assikvere, Pala vald, 49403 Jõgeva maakond
 776 4346; 776 4486
 5331 6520
 Advance booking required

The memorial room was opened on August 12, 2006, with the aim to preserve and collect material about the poet from our neighbourhood. Anna Haava’s home farm Haavakivi is at the distance of about four kilometres from the museum. The memorial room displays photographs of the poet’s family and friends, a mock-up of the farm where she was born, her poem collections and translations, her family tree, a great part of her correspondence, copies of documents and a list of her poems that have been set to music.

Every year in the middle of October the poet’s birthday is celebrated with a poetry or literary evening. The museum room is managed by the Halliku Educational Association.

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