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Estonian Museum Association

Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu, tel 735 0412


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 Pikk 70, 10133 Tallinn
 641 1408, 641 1410
 641 1414
 Mon–Sun 10–19 (May–Sept.); Tue–Sun 10–18 (Oct.–April)

Estonian Maritime Museum is located in the canon tower Fat Margareeta that is a part of the medieval town wall. On the four storeys of the museum an overview of the history of Estonian maritime and fishing history is given – one can study the details of ship and boat building; learn about Estonian harbours, means of navigation on ships and the lighthouses there. In addition to permanent exposition temporary expositions are organised on the first floor. In the closed yard of the tower an open air exposition is displayed. The roof of the tower offers a superb view at Old Town and the Gulf of Tallinn.

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