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 Vallimägi, 44306 Rakvere, Lääne-Virumaa
 32 25 502
 50 761 83
 32 25 505
 2.05.-31.10. Tue-Sun 11-19 / At other time advance notice required
Ruins of a large medieval stone citadel. The convent-type citadel was built in the I half of the 16th century together with a quadrangular main tower, strong wings, large forecourt and the eastern gates made up of several parts. In the citadel which was completed under the dominance of the Livonian Order three expositions can be seen: „History of Livonian Order“, „Medieval Chamber of Horror and Torture“ and „Swords through Centuries.“ One can also climb to a platform with a magnificent view at the neighbourhood. Meals prepared on the basis of medieval recipes can be eaten at the tavern of the citadel. Concerts and performances are held at the citadel.

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