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 Hüpassaare talu, 71402 Vihi küla, Viljandi maakond
 435 7141
 521 6675
 Wed–Sun 10–17, advance notice is welcome
Location: Suure-Jaani–Vändra tee>Vihi küla>10 km Hüpassaarde

The home museum of Mart Saar is standing at the edge of Soomaa National Park. The ancestors of the composer Mart Saar settled down to the edge of the swamp in the first quarter of the 19th century already. The surname Saar was given to them around 1830. The composer, who was born into the family of a forester, spent his childhood here and settled down permanently at his father’s farmstead in 1932. The years 1932–1943 were the most productive ones for the composer and at that time the best of his heritage was composed.

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