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 Tartu mnt 21, Ahja 63701, Põlvamaa
 797 0100
 Wed-Fri 12-16 / At other time advance notice required

Friedebert Tuglas was born into the family of the carpenter Jüri Mihkelson on March 2, 1886 at the Ahja estate in the Parish of Võnnu in Tartu County. His first childhood years passed in Ahja. Tuglas has recorded much of his childhood memories in his novel Väike Illimar, which is why Ahja is known today as the land of Väike Illimar.
The museum was reopened for visitors on March 2, 2005 on the second floor of the library. The three-dimensional exposition has been designed as an introduction for those planning to visit the land of Väike Illimar and explore the premises of the Ahja Manor. Museum lessons are held for pupils; there is also an opportunity to picnic in the garden or give a party in the museum. The tradition of installing a stone ornament in the museum yard was started in the same year. According to a common belief this is a place where to set a stone, if you want to keep luck and love always nearby.

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