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Estonian Museum Association

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 Vesilennuki 6, 10415 Tallinn
 620 0545
 Mon–Sun 10–19 (May–Sept.); Tue–Sun 10–18 (Oct.–April)

The Seaplane hangars are architecturally unique in the whole World. The complex was initially completed as part of "the Peter the Greats Naval Fortress"in 1916-1917. The new museum combines both past and present, land and sea. Come and visit us even by boat if you wish.

A great experience for the whole family - a round-the-world journey on the Yellow Submarine, an aquarium, games, a cafeteria, the harbour, and many more exciting things to see and do, both indoors and oudoors.

This exciting exhibition gives you a chance to participate in sea-going matters, as well as allowing you to test yourself and learn more about the sea.

Legends come to life - the submarine Lembit, the Suur Tõll steam icebreaker, the Short Type 184 seaplane, and other life-sized exhibits are waiting for you.

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