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 Varbuse, 63102 Kanepi vald, Põlva maakond
 797 0790, 799 3057
 June–Aug: Tue–Sun 10–20; May & Sept: Tue–Sun 11–18; Oct–Apr: Tue–Sat 11–15
Location: N 58° 00'58.1'', E 26° 54'47.0''

The centuries-old winding and hilly Postal Road takes you to the 1863 Varbuse Postal Station that once had a stable for 33 horses and served the regular mail route between Tartu and Võru. Now this ageing but well-preserved postal station complex houses the Estonian Road Museum.  Road Time (Teeaeg) is unique open-air exhibition environment, unexpected architectural presence in the Southern Estonian landscape.

As you enter the exhibition environment, you will see traffic signs that are long gone from the roads of today. Our cross-sections of different road surface types allow you a glimpse of road construction secrets. The oldest steel highway bridge in Estonia is called Vati and it now occupies a worthy place in the museum. Anyone interested in technology can familiarise themselves with road-construction and maintenance machinery in its proper working environment.

Historical road space – Road sections from different locations in the old Estonian and Livonian provinces are situated in a hollow, and as you move through it you become immersed in the atmosphere of different periods of history. The walk through the ages begins on the swamp road and ends on asphalt. On the roadsides you can see interesting environments from the past, including historic vehicles.
Road Time exhibition visitors receive an innovative video guide device in English, Russian, Finnish or German at the museum.

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