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 Lossiplats 3, 90502 Haapsalu
 472 5346
 518 4664
 1.06-30.09 kl 10-18; 1-31.05 ja 1.-14.09 kl 10-16; In Winter season advance notice required
Visiting conditions: Restaurant, shop and WC closed in Winter season

The Episcopal castle of Haapsalu was more than 300 years the political and spiritual centre of the Oesel-Wiek Bishopric – the Catholic ecclesiastical state under the secular jurisdiction of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and spiritually subject to the Holy See.

Open medieval Convent Building - bishop's and clergymen's residence from 13 century:
- The Dome Church - a unique and original biggest single-nave church in Estonia
- Baptismal Chapel - where the mysterious White Lady shows herself
- Exhibition halls and finds from the castle
- 38 meters tall Clock Tower - hourly chiming of church-bells and wondrous view to Haapsalu
- cellars and vaults - first opened after fire in 1688

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