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 Velise, 78201 Märjamaa vald, Rapla maakond
 489 7764
 1.05.–30.09. Every day 10-18; 1.10.–30.04. 10-17, Sat-Sun advance notice required

The museum, established in 1982 by a researcher on native places and a nature conservationist Aleksei Parnabas, introduces the life and traditions of Velise rural municipality in old Läänemaa from the second half of the 19th century until recent past. One can get a detailed picture of flax growing, harvesting and scutching. An Estonian breed horse is of great help to the museum staff at the events organised to celebrate various days in the popular calendar. A functional hot head BMW engine that was manufactured in 1926 can also be seen working at the museum. Over 170 different species of trees and bushes grow in the dendroparks of the museum that lies in municipal ownership of Märjamaa rural municipality.

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