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 Jaama 11, 44106 Kunda, Lääne-Virumaa
 322 2170
 5354 4534
 15.05–15.09 Tue–Fri 9–18, Sat 11–16; 16.09–14.05 Mon–Fri 9–17 / At other time advance notice required

The cement museum is located in the former cement factory’s office building.

The museum visitor:
- gets to know, why and how human started manufacturing rock by himself;
- in which ways were the antique Roman and modern architectural pearls built;
- meets the modern cement industry;
- can go through a gigantic turning-stove and experience the feeling which the clinker has when rotating in the stove;
- enjoy interesting Do-It-Yourself activities in the hobby room;
- hike on the old industrial terrain of Kunda;
- see the only preserved bottle-stove in Europe used for producing cement, Estonia’s oldest hydroelectric power plant and the beautiful ancient valley of the river Kunda.

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