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 Vao, 6201 Väike-Maarja vald, Lääne-Virumaa
 32 61 625
 2.05.–31.08. Wed–Sun 11–18
One of the most unique buildings in Lääne-Virumaa, the tower citadel dating back to the II half of the 14th century, is located in the heart of a well-kept manor complex. The abode of an ancient vassal is constructed of local limestone. Steep stone staircases connect the four storeys of the building. In addition to medieval dansker (lavatory), lavatorium (a niche for washing hands) and chapel the fret-work by artists Tuuli Puhvel and Anne Ehasalu can be admired. The exposition of the museum introduces Vao manor, village and the history of the last squires – the von Rennenkampff family.

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