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 Jakobi 35-3, Tartu 51006
 738 8034
 5649 0644
 At Tartu Festivities and upon appointment

Home museum of Endel Taniloo has been created to the previous habitual domicile of the sculptor in Tartu, Jakobi 35-3. The house was built by the artistic family of von Kügelgen from Rhineland in 1811. The collection consists of 200 art pieces of which the oldest one is the collection of wooden animals created by the sculptor during his school years and lying statue of a nude woman created while the sculptor was attending famous art academy „Pallas“ (1943-1944). There are numerous other art pieces, including drafts of famous monuments (e.g. the monument for F. R. Kreutzwald situated in Kadriorg, Tallinn) and various sculptures and installations in different materials. Endel Taniloo (born 1923) has been working as an active sculptor for 58 years and is pleased to guide your tour in his museum personally.

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