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 Kreutzwaldi 31, 65609 Võru, Võru maakond
 78 21 798
 Wed–Sun 11–18 / Advance notice required Mon-Tue 9-16
Charge details: Free: 10.02., 18.05., 1.06.
The Memorial Museum of Dr. Fr. R. Kreutzwald, established on February 10, 1941, is located in Võru. The exposition was opened in a house built in 1793, where Kreutzwald lived and worked in 1833–1877. The present exposition covers a dwelling house, furnished with objects belonging to Kreutzwald and his family and other items characteristic to the era. The outhouse and barn hold a literary and cultural exposition with particular emphasis on the Estonian national epic “Kalevipoeg”. The former stable and cattle-shed give shelter to a collection of ethnographic items permitting the introduction of Kreutzwald’s stories. There are also a sauna, a vault, a well and a garden on the large plot.
Keeping alive Kreutzwald’s world of ideas and fantasies has been the goal of the museum, supported by the museum hours, poetry-evenings and the plays of Papa Kreutzwald’s Garden Theatre, introducing his life and creation – above all the “Kalevipoeg” and its stories.

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